About Alessandro

Born in Sicily (Italy) on December 16th, 1970, I'm currently based in Rome where I live with my wife Daniela and our daughters Federica and Sofia.

I got my first “serious” camera as present from Daniela in 1996. It was a Nikon FM10, fully manual one. At the beginning it was challenging because I never studied photography in terms of theory and technique, so most of the things I tried to do were coming just from intuition. In 2002 I bought my first digital camera, a Nikon Coolpix 4500, and then I changed to Canon in December 2004 buying an EOS 20D. Now I own a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, an outstanding camera, very close to professional level.

I’m not a photographer but I definitely love taking pictures. This is something that really gives me a unique feeling. People can like some pictures of mine and dislike others, however I believe that it's always possible to take a good picture without being obsessed by the photographic technique as long as you try to communicate something. When I handle my camera, my main goal is to empty my mind and try to capture a moment, hoping to transmit an emotion, or what I felt at that instant, to the observer. I don't know if I have this ability or if I will ever get it, but for sure I always try to follow this philosophy without losing my main goal that is still enjoying myself while doing it.

A great friend of mine, Silvio who shares my same passion, always says: “It's not what is in front of the camera that makes the difference, but what is behind". And it is true, meaning that we are the only limitation to what can be seen and captured in a picture. Sometimes I find myself looking at a scene trying to imagine how it would be in a frame… and people may think I’m crazy…

To me, photography is a combination of inspiration, prompt reaction and a good eye. Places and subjects are important, but the personal reaction to a scene in that specific moment makes the difference. I always try to learn how to see things differently through my camera looking for something that sometimes other people might never see.

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